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Maha Sakti 53 Grade Cement

Maha Sakti 53 Grade Cement


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Maha Sakti Cement


Cement, 53 grade cement


Maha Shakthi 53 grade cement is a premium blended cement manufactured by inter-grinding the high-quality clinker with superfine processed fly ash. The clinker used here is specially made with a high percentage of Tricalcium Silicate C3S (58-60%). Only high-quality fly ash from select chambers of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) are extracted and transported in closed bulkers is used to manufacture Maha Shakthi. Clinker and fly ash with the desired proportion of gypsum is inter-ground in high-efficiency closed-circuit Ball Mills. The “O-Sepa” and SKS separators used in the mills enable us to maintain high fineness (about 350 m2/kg) and good particle size distribution (PSD). Maha Shakthi thus manufactured surpasses the compressive strength requirement of OPC 53 grade at 3, 7 and 28 days while enabling you to get excellent durability in concrete.

Maha Shakthi PPC has an edge over OPC owing to its additional binding and long-lasting strength. The pozzolanic components in fly ash react with lime and are transformed into a strength-giving compound. Maha Shakthi is suited for all types of construction especially for individual houses where long term strength and durability is of paramount importance.

Physical Requirements

Requirements as Per IS 1489: 1991

Maha Shakthi PPC


Specific Surface (m2/kg)

300 (min)


Setting Time

a. Initial minutes)

30 (min)


b. Final (minutes)

600 (max)



Expansion of unaerated cement


a. By LeChatelier Method (mm)

10 (max)


b.By Auto Clave (%)

0.8 (max)


Compressive Strength

a.72 ± 1 hr i.e. 3 days (M Pa)

16 (min)


b. 168 ± 2 hr i.e. 7 days (M Pa)

22 (min)


c.672 ± 4 hr i.e. 28 days (M Pa)

33 (min)


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